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I3200 Eco solvent ink



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1. Chemical product name: digital printing ink

Product type: pigment-type inkjet ink

2. Main components / components information of the product:

The ome CAS No. content

N-ethylpyrrolidone 2687-91-4 1-10%

Ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate 112-07-2 10-60%

Diethylene glycol methyl-ether 1002-67-1 20-50%

Chlorovinegar resin 9005-09-8 1-5%

Dispersant agents of 1 – 5%

Pigment blue 15:4 147-14-8 1-10%

Pigment red 146 5280-68-2 1-10%

Pigment yellow 180 77804-81-0 1-10%

Pigment carbon black 1333-86-4 1-10%

3. Adverse effects on human health: irritant, avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.

Access route: inhalation, feeding, and skin absorption.

Affect organs: nervous central system, eyes, liver and kidneys.

Environmental impact: in case of leakage, use absorbing material to absorb liquid and discard into a suitable trash bin.

4. Symptoms:

Eating or inhaling: headache, nausea, dizziness, discomfort and fatigue.

Skin contact: slight irritation.

Eye contact: tingling, tearing, redness.

5. Emergency measures

Eye contact: Once eye contact, immediately rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes.

Skin contact: Once skin contact, rinse with large amounts of water for 15 minutes.

Inhalation: If the symptoms are obvious, immediately transfer to a ventilated area and remain calm.

Eat: once eat, do not urge vomit, request medical treatment.

6. Fire fighting measures

Step: Firefighters should be equipped with appropriate protective devices to move the container out of the fire area, if not dangerous, in the fire area Water water to cool down.

Fire extinguishing: insulation alcohol foam, dry ice or carbon dioxide.

7, Place and store

Place: Avoid touching the skin, eyes, and do not eat in. Hands should be washed with laundry soap after use.

Storage: When not in use, it should be stored in a sealed container in dry and cool places, and avoid direct sunlight Avoid freezing and avoid storage at room temperature above 30 degrees Celsius.

8. Work measures and personal protection equipment

Working measures: Use in a well-ventilated workshop to eliminate all open fires (flame, Mars).

Personal protection equipment: Regular use should be equipped with goggles, gloves and aprons, and fire extinguishers in the workshop.

9. Physical and chemical performance

Appearance: colored liquid, including cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta.

Smell: light odor.

Boiling point: above 150℃

Setting point: below-30℃

Density: 1.00 ± 0.10G / CC (25℃)

Surface tension (dyne / cm): 30 ± 5.0

PH Value: 7.5-9.5

Viscosity (cp): 6-10 (25℃)

10. physical stability and reactivity

Flash point: above 68℃ (closed cup).

Oxidation: Avoid contact with highly oxidized reagents.

Self-reaction / explosion: None.

Reactivity: None.

Dangerous polymerization reaction: not occurring.

11. Toxicity

Eye inflammation: It may cause mild eye inflammation.

Carcinogenicity: None.

12. Discard processing

Waste treatment method: according to the provisions of the local departments of waste treatment, prohibited directly into the river, small In streams or other drinking water sources, use empty buckets to store waste liquid and tighten the lid.

13. Other instructions

For industrial use, this ink is only for inkjet printing ink and is not recommended in other occasions.


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