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Eco solvent printer

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XL-1601H I3200 Indoor/outdoor printer


1.Industrial grade high-precision platform, with flatness of 5-10cmm and level printing surface.

2.Hansen Gigabit network interface board with fast transmission speed and stable performance.

3.Three stage intelligent drying, instant drying.

4.Double protection of the head, collision prevention of the car and physical head protection effectively prevent accidental damage to the headhead.

5.High precision integrated maintenance station, with balanced lifting, stable ink absorption, and easy adjustment.

6.Adopting a filtering power socket to ensure that the machine is not affected by current interference.

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Product model XL-1601H
PrintHead I3200
Qty 1
Print speed(unidirection) 4PASS 23㎡/h
6PASS 18㎡/h
Printing media PP,Lamp film, canvas, car sticker, lamp cloth, single transparent film, transparent film, etc
Ink type Water based,eco solvent, UV, etc
Transmission  Interface Gigabit network interface
Media width 1600mm
Input voltage 220V
Print height 0~12mm
Ink supply system 1.5L Large ink bottle continuous ink supply system, continuous ink supply scheme
Feeding and take up system 15RPM feeding and collecting system
Rip software MT、PP、PF
File format PDF、JPEG、TIFF
Machine weight 143.5KG
Machine size:(L*W*H) 2400*750*1300(+200mm
Machine packing size(L*W*H) 2460*785*740mm

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