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UV printer

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XL-1680S,1850S UV printer


1.Adopt advanced variable ink drop printingtechnology,a variety of variable ink dropprinting combinations,perfectly reflect theprinting quality of VSDT technology,the panelcan adjust the feathering degree,the minimumink drop can reach 3.5pl,and the maximum inkdrop can reach 12pl.

2.International mechanical desian standard,printing platform flatness error ≤0.1mm,delicate picture,high precision.

3.Humanized feathering design,the panel can adiust the degree of feathering,and improve the accuracy and speed according to the characteristics of the screen.

4.The waveform of the original print head,the force of the head is accurate,and the printing is continuous for a long time.

5.The advanced automatic damping feeding system design overcomes the problems of long-drawn deviation and step change.

6.Unique breakpoint resume function, completely solves the printing interruption problem of the printer.

7.The scientific cold ink discharge method of the piezoelectric print head determines the low loss in the printing of the head,and the loss of the head in printing is almost zero.

8.Large ink cartridge design,transparentand intuitive ink consumption.

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Product model XL-1680S XL-1850S
PrintHead I3200/F1080
Qty 1
Printspeed I3200     4pass:18㎡/h   6pass:14㎡/h
F1080     4pass:10㎡/h   6pass:6㎡/h
PrintWidth 1680mm 1850mm
HeatingSystem Triple intelligent temperaturecontrol dryer
Media type PP,carstickers,clear-film,backlit cloth ,frontlit cloth wallcloth
Inks Water basedink,eco solvent ink,UV ink,sublimation ink,Pigmentink,etc
Feather way Panel can be adjusted randomly feather The unique imagand color piece selection
Head cleaning Elevatorautomatic cleaning and scraping system
Work environment Temp18-29C Humidity50-80%Rh
Powersupply Ratedvoltage:AC 110V/220V
UV Head cleaning,single head doublelamp UV printer:(elevator cleaning station)
UVmode Water cooling
Machine power 800W
External heater power 1800W
Machine weight 180KG 185KG
Machine size(L*W*H) 2650mm*800mm*1300mm 2820mm*800mm*1300mm
Packing size(L*WH) 2740mm*760mm*580mm 2850mm*760mm*580mm

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