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How to choose UV flatbed printer


How to choose? At present, there are so many UV printer manufacturers in this industry, the quality of the machine is uneven, and the price is also different. good quality for the machine should be the first choose,. How to buy a good UV flatbed printer? Pls focus on below three points

1、the Printing effect. As a good quality UV flatbed printing machine, its color must be good, and it can present rich and delicate pictures; secondly, it should have a sense of picture hierarchy, and it should be able to clearly see the pattern of the picture when close to view., when touch it with your hands you should have a very clear sense of touch; in addition, the picture definition should be high and no easy to scratch.

2、the printing head efficiency. As a good UV flatbed machine, its nozzle efficiency should be good, the stability should be strong, the service life of the nozzle should be long, no block the hole. However, different nozzles have different efficiency. When choosing, we should consider comprehensively in many aspects such as the capital , the speed, precision, cost and material quality etc…all these item should be overall consideration.

3、sales service. As a good quality manufacturer of UV flatbed printer , it should have a perfect sales service system after product selling. The price of UV flatbed printer cost is high , and the maintenance and machine trouble shooting should be handle by the professionals people. When we choose UV flatbed printer , we must seeking a professional manufacturer who can provide best sales service after product is selling out, then the machine what you bough will be valuable.