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Do anybody use UV printer to make business?


UV printing is actually a very good industry, no need to make plates, fast printing, fast delivery, zero inventory, suitable for personalized customization. Its development prospects are particularly broad. Now let's learn how to buy UV printer.

1. Coating. The coating on the market mainly includes glass coating, PC coating, PVC coating, silica gel coating, ABC plastic coating, etc. it has the function of ink absorption imaging and increasing image adhesion. Each material corresponds to different coating, one key opens one lock, there is no "general coating" or "universal coating". For example, if we want to print patterns on glass, we need to apply a layer of coating on the surface of glass. Because the glass itself has no adhesion, ink is not easy to agglomerate and disperse on the glass, so we can print colorful patterns on the glass coating. Because the coating deployment is relatively complex, not all companies have the ability to provide a comprehensive coating, so you should pay attention to that if the manufacturer puts forward the saying of "universal coating", it is extremely irresponsible and careful to choose.

2. Ink. When choosing a flat printer, we should pay attention to whether the ink output is smooth. The ink with good fluency will not block the nozzle. The nozzle with poor fluency will block the nozzle even on the day when it is put on the machine. If you want to clean it, you'd better buy the flat printer carefully, or it will be like a basket of scrap iron. In addition, we should pay attention to the color of the ink Reduction degree: if the printed pattern color is close to the pattern color on the display, it means that the reduction degree of the flat printer is high and the brightness is good.

3. Printing accuracy. Tablet printer manufacturers will boast of their exquisite and accurate machines when they publicize their devices, so how should we judge the printing accuracy? There are two ways:

Whether the walking position is accurate, an image or a shape is repeatedly printed two to three times;

in Photoshop or AI, select the smaller font size to see whether the printed effect is clear. If it is clear, it means that the accuracy of the device is indeed high, otherwise it must be doubted