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TOP 10 UV printer


The Brand ranking does not exist, and there have never been similar ranking in the industry for two reasons: ① the equipment produced by different manufacturers in the industry is aimed at different groups of people, some manufacturers are mainly entrepreneurial customers, some manufacturers are mainly factory customers, etc.; ② currently, there is no special authority or association organization in the industry to conduct UV printing on the market It is ranked by the manufacturer.

So how to identify a UV printer is good? Then we must judge from its performance and characteristics.

First, we need to confirm the printing effect of the UV printer. To get as like as two peas, a printer can be used with high accuracy, no horizontal bars or cross lines and heavy shadows. At the same time, the color reduction is better. If the printed picture is exactly the same as the picture on the computer, it is the best.

Secondly, we need to confirm the stability of the UV printer. Before purchase, we need to ask the manufacturer clearly to confirm whether the UV printer can continuously and stably print the best quality products. The printer with good stability is not allowed to have ink break and printing position deviation.

Moreover, we should learn to choose the width of UV printer. To a certain extent, the width of UV printer determines the product specifications for printing. Therefore, when choosing UV printer, we should choose a large format UV printer as much as possible, because the printer has a large format, few limited materials and is suitable for mass production.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a manufacturer. A good manufacturer can provide you with a high-quality UV printer that can bring you more profits. At this point, we recommend Jihui electronics. Guangzhou Jihui Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. (Xinlan brand) is located in the south central part of Guangdong Province. The geographical center of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao is located in Panyu District, south of the Pearl River Estuary, bordering Nansha District, with superior geographical position. After you buy it, we will do a special training for you with any trouble