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Core technical requirements of roll and roll printer


Nowadays, there are common UV coil printers on the market. This kind of equipment can support the printing of coil and plate. Its core lies in the accuracy of the guide belt transmission. Of course, it is the roll to roll printer that really brings the coil printing to the extreme. This kind of equipment is specially made for the coil printing. All kinds of coiled materials in the advertising industry, including soft film, are suitable for this model.

The roll to roll printer is specially designed for the printing equipment of flexible materials. The coil to coil printing mode breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology. It realizes a starting printing, no plate making and full-color image completion in a sense. It is a new generation product of traditional printing machine. It has the function of discharging and receiving materials. It is convenient and fast to use.

However, the coil machine has a high precision for cloth, step and coil tension control, so in China, most of them are coil machines, and few of them are UV coil models. Among them, the famous one is X-Roland UV coil yl-3200 and 1930vx, which is not only because Yilian can present the scheme, but also because yl-3200 can support 3.2m coil printing, which is coil A breakthrough in the printing industry, large format coiled materials should not only ensure accuracy but also speed. In addition, there are soft film schemes. As we all know, the price of soft film is cheap. Advertising manufacturers prefer to choose soft film as substrate, but soft film is regarded as a technical problem that many devices can't solve because of its changeability. In 2018, X-Roland 1930vx took the lead in breaking the UV attack of soft film Printing, which uses constant tension control technology and high-precision steps, has raised the soft film printing to a new height.