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Eco solvent printer

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XL-2500Y Indoor/outdoor printer


1.The use of high-performance aluminum profiles,small bending deformation,not easy to

scratch,the use of aircraft frame structure support,easy to adjust the flatness of the platform.

2.Ntelligent front,middle and rear segmented platform heating,accurate temperature setting,

multi-functional drying integrated fan,intelligentdrying system and printing synchronization,hitand dry,safe and energy-saving.

3.Adopt new two-stage ink bottle ink supplytechnology,stable liquid level,automatic inkshortage alarm system.

4.Use of integrated aluminum alloy liftingmaintenance system,ink absorption is stable,easyto adjust.

5.HOSON board with high performance,highprecision,high speed.Gigabit network cardport,traansmission stability.

6.Filter power base is adopted to ensure that themachine is not disturbed.

7.Using a double tube retractor system,25 turnmotor power paper collector.

8.The car anti-collision function,greatly reducingthe chance of accidental injury to the nozzle.

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Productmodel XL-2500Y
Head  Model I3200、F1080
Head Qty 2
I3200 3PASS:45㎡/h         4PASS:38㎡/h
F1080 3PASS:20㎡/h         4PASS:16㎡/h
Maximum  print width 2500mm
Ink type water-basic  ink,eco solvent  ink,UV soft  ink
Ink supply  method 2.5L  large  ink  bottle  continuous  system,lack  of  ink  alarm
Material type Soft film of smallpox,Scraping cloth with knife,car stickers,flex banner,       Advertising banner,wall cloth,Leatherwear,Mesh fabric printing
Nozzle  height from0-10mm   stepless   adjustable
Heating  system Infrared  segment  heating,air  drying  double  drying
Automatic nozzle cleaning system Automatic and manual cleaning with anti-blockingflashing funciton and moisturizing function
Automatic paper receiving device 25RPMdualmotor
Data  transfer  interface Gigabit network port
UV mode Water cooling
RIP  software manintop6.1 、printfactory
External  heater  power 2000W(DX5、DX7、F1080)、4000W(13200)
Net  Weighi 380kg
Machine  size  (L*W*H) 3750*880*1350mm(+250mm)
Package size (L*W*H) 4200*980*950mm

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