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Printing proofing printer

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XL-1290UV four-head 8-color enhanced flat proof printer


1.Adopting dual screw drive system to ensure printing accuracy, improve printing quality, and prolong equipment usage time.

2.Silent guide screw, high precision, and low noise during high-speed operation.

3.Humanized design control interface, easy to operate, and intuitive effect.

4.Media automatic detection device, the system automatically detects the thickness of printing media (not exceeding 100mm), and the nozzle height is automatically adjusted to achieve perfect printing of various materials.

5.Intelligent negative pressure positive pressure ink path system ensures smooth printing process and good printing effect.

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Product model XL-1290
Print head model I3200
Head gty 3-4
Print speed WCV WCVV
6PASS 8㎡/h printing and packaging one-way 6PASS 3.5㎡/h
8PASS 6㎡/h
Print media Ceramic tiles, acrylic, wooden boards, glass, etc Gold and silver card paper, black card, gray card, etc
Ink type Environmentally UV ink
Transmission Interface Network interface
Print Size 1200mm*900mm
Electricity requirements 220V,3000W
Print height 1-100mm(Can be raised to 300
Ink supply system Intelligent Circular Supply System for Secondary Ink cartridges
print head protection Intelligent touch detection automatic protection system
Rip software PP、PF
File format TIFF,JPEG,EPS,PDF ect
Machine size 1614mm*2695mm*1343mm
Machine packing size 1715mm*2800mm*1530mm


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