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Printing proofing printer

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XL-1302F printing proofing printer


1.Industrial-grade high-precision platform, flat printing surface, flatness 0-5 micro-inch.

2.Hoson Gigabit network port board, data transmission fast and stability.

3.Printing gold size of 1.2 meters, unlimited printing without color difference.

4.Double-rail lifting elevator frame, Height adjustment freely,no need to worry about material replacement.

5.Ultra-high-speed unidirectional output of 5 square meters per hour, increasing production efficiency by 3 times.

6.The front, middle, and rear platforms are heated, and the main platform is equipped with a specially designed constant temperature heating system for more precise heating control and more uniform platform temperature.

7.Ultra-wide color gamut, equipped with eight-color inks, adding Lk, LLk, Lm, and Lc. The transition is delicate, reaching the color gamut standard of imported machines.

8.Adopt original EPSON i3200 industrial head,Double head 8 colors, single head 8 colors optional.

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Product model XL-132F
Print head model I3200 A1 I3200 A1 8 color
Head gty 2 1
Print speed 6PASS 4.5㎡/h 6PASS 3㎡/h
Print media Coated paper, white cardboard, writing paper
Ink type Pigment ink
Transmission Interface Gigabit Network Port transmission
Media width 1200mm
Input voltage 220V
Print height Adjustable height0~12mm
Ink supply system Secondary positive pressure continuous ink supply
Feeding and take up system
30R High speed feeding and take up system
Rip software Photoprint
File format PDF、JPEG、TIFF ect
Machine Gross weight 217KG
Machine size 2350*800*1420(+200 Ink tank)mm
Machine packing size 2440*885*860mm


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