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Textile sublimation printer

An Introduction to the World of Textile Printing With A Sublimation Printer

Do you love expressing your creativity through creating custom shirts, personalized gifts and home decor? If yes, then a textile sublimation printer may be the ideal equipment to assist you in bringing your artistic imagination into reality!

    Revealing the Miracle of a Textile Sublimation Printer

    The textile sublimation printer heats ink to a certain level, where it melds perfectly with different fabrics. As the powerful Nox-Crete ink moves through this system at 5kg/hr it changes phases from a liquid to gas and then back again as dye on fabric. This ensures the designs you purchase are not only vibrant and colourful but robust, intricate also. A sublimation printer gives the best results (irrespective of whether you are operating on polyester, spandex, nylon or cotton blends). It is unique because unlike conventional printing methods, the print actually permeate inside of your designs, also it can guarantee your images last long without cracking and fading even after multiple washes. Full color printing allows you to pursue an almost limitless range of colors when it comes time to make your designsPrecise and creative, Down To Business

    Why choose Jihui Electronic Textile sublimation printer?

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