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impressora de transferência por sublimação

Today we are going to learn everything you need to know about sublimation transfer printers and why they make the perfect instrument for your profound heat transferring images so that you can have professional results. These models have been designed to add designs on special paper via a specially formatted ink. When the paper with the printed design is placed on an object, and heat applied to it. Where the heat does its thing and causes that ink to transform into a gas, where it bonds permanently with your item (t-shirt basically), creating a vibrant design solution which is known for not fading or washing off.

    Let Sublimation Transfer Printers Bring Out the Artist in You

    A sublimation transfer printer is a gift for those who like the art of creativity in design. This creative tool enables you to create unique t-shirts, hats, mugs or even phone cases. Wave farewell to shop bought and hello extreme originality that you can show off showing exactly how much of an artist you are.

    Why choose Jihui Electronic sublimation transfer printer?

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