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Dye sublimation photo printer

What brings you here is that are looking for a different way to print photos, which could be durable and colorful? Well then look no further than a dye sublimation photo printer! This Imprimante à sublimation from Jihui Electronic works by heating the ink and then applying the heat to transfer it onto a paper, eventually producing an intricate masterpiece that will surely amaze you.


There are many advantages of dye sublimation printers when it comes to traditional inkjet printing. Here, the biggest advantage is in terms of quality; dye sublimation just generates much crisper and fresher looking images. You can also print dye sublimation prints to last longer, and not fade away quickly if it were photos to be placed on a table or wall using bonne imprimante à sublimation from Jihui Electronic.

Why choose Jihui Electronic Dye sublimation photo printer?

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Some basic stuff to know before starting with a dye sublimation printer printing is straightforward through using dye sublimation printer and that too with good results. Make sure you have the right paper and ink for your printer - using the wrong type can lead to poor print quality. Then load the paper into your printer and connect it to either a camera or computer. Lastly, the petite imprimante photo  software is used to choose an image and change settings as required. Then, you can just print your stunning colour photo once all is ready!

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Dye sublimation printers are still a piece of tech, so naturally at some point you may encounter maintenance or even repairs as time goes on. Most manufacturers have service agreements or warranties to guarantee that your printer is always in top shape Should repairs be required, it is always better to take your printer to an individual who specializes in dye sublimation technology for proper repair.


Dye sublimation printers have an edge over all other types of printer is the quality of prints they produce, which are astonishing. In addition to producing sharper results and more colors than the average inkjet printer. On top of that, the prints are protected from fading and other damage for many years to come. If you truly care about making the best, longest-lasting photo prints possible, a dye sublimation printer is absolutely essential.

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