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Eco solvent printer

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XL-1804F Indoor/outdoor printer


1、High precision platform,with flatness fluctuationabout 0-10 micro-inch,Make sure the printingplatform is flat;

2、Hoson Gigabit network port board,datatransmission fast and stability;

3、Leadshine double servo motor output toensure running smoothly in XY direction;

4、Double-rail lifting elevator frame,Heightadjustmentfreely,no need to worry aboutmaterial replacement;

5、Lack of media alarm,intelligent drying emergency stop switch,Automatic cleaningTruly unattended;

6、Manual and automatic integrated intelligentdrying and externaltriple dryer(hot air+dryingcold air),Printing Collecting together;

7.Double protection of printheads,carriage anti-collision and physical printhead protection,effectively preventing accidental damage to printhead;

8.The integrated central shaft with a diameter of 22 is equipped with an anti-static three-speed adjustable pressure wheel,which can adapt to printing of various materials,with precise steps and worry-free splicing;

9.Adopt EPSON original |3200 industrial printhead,high precision,fast speed,stable and durable;

10.The high-precision non-adjustment base plate nozzle does not need to be adjusted,and the operation is simpler.

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Product model XL-1804F
Head  model I3200
Headgty 4
Maxprinting speed 3PASS 97㎡/h          4PASS 76㎡/h
Printing media Car stickers,lightssheet,wall coverings,etc.
Ink type Water based ink,eco solventink,UVink,sublimation ink,Pigment ink,etc.
Transmission    Interface Gigabit  NetworkPort  transmission
Media width 1850mm
Voltage 220V/110V
Fileformat PDF、JPEG、TIFF
Print height 0~12mm
Rip software Maintop6.0,PPPF
Operating    environment WINXP 、WIN7 、WIN10
Ink  supply  system Positive  pressure  largeink  bottle  directsupply
Heating  System Manual and automatic integratedintelligent drying and externaltriple dryer(hot air drying cold air),Printing &Collecting together
Take upsystem 30R High speed feeding and take up system
Machine   weight 350kg
Machinesize:(L*W*H) 3195*885*1600mm
Machine  packing  size(L*W*H) 3275*900*900mm

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