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Eco solvent printer

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XL-1680Q,1930Q,2200Q Indoor/outdoor printer


1.Heating system:Three-stageintelligent drying,emergency stop switch,automatic cleaning,truly unattended.

2.The platform:High-precision aluminum profile,fluctuation 0~10S,to ensure machine stability.

3.Ink supply system:Adjustable constantliquid level secondary ink cartridge inksupply system.

4.Cleaning station:Self-designed all-aluminum processing,high-precisioninteqrated maintenance station,balancedlifting.stable cleaning,and easyadjustment.

5.Board confiquration:Hoson industrial-grade boards(first-line boards in thephoto industry),high precision,fastspeed,and good stability.

6.Power supply system:the use of filtertype power supply to ensure that themachine is not affected by theinterference current.

7.Take up system:use 15/25 RPM takingup system.

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Product model XL-1680Q XL-1930Q XL-2200Q
Printhead 13200 F1080
QTY 1-2
Speed Single head 4PASS:25㎡/h  6PASS: 20㎡/h 4PASS:10㎡/h   6PASS: 8㎡/h
Double heads 3PASS:48㎡/h  4PASS: 38㎡/h 4PASS:20㎡/h  6PASS: 16㎡/h
Maximum Print Size 1680mm 1930mm 2200mm
Ink nk Color C.M.Y.K
nk supply way 1.2L Large ink bottle continuous ink supply system,Negative-pressure ink supplysolution
Media Type PP,photographic paper,lamp,indoorlight cloth,drawing paper,canvas,car stickers,thermal transfer paper,reflective material,etc
SpecialFunction Height of Printhead The Height from the media for 2-8mm distance
Heating System Drying intergrated fan
Adsorption System Suction adjusted with step-less
Feeding System Equipped with (60KG)
Printhead AutomaticClearning System Automatic Clearning &Manual Clearning together,prevent blacking,with flash sprayand moisturize function
Media Clamp Combined Well Resistance Media Clamp
Automatic CollectingSystem Heavy Paper Receiver 60KG
Data Interface Gigabit network port transmission
UV single head double lamp uv printer(elevator cleaning station)  double heads double lamp uv printer
UV mode water cooling
RiP Software Maintop6.1.Photo print.printfactory
Machine power 1300W 1300W 1400W
External heater power 3800W 3800W 3800W
Weight 310KG 330KG 400KG
Machine Size 2800*830*1300mm(+170) 3050*830*1300mm(+170) 3320*980*1300mm(+170)
Package Size 3520*940*680mm 3770*940*680mm 3770*940*680mm

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