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XL-650WX DTF printer


1.The Shake powder machine adopts automaticinduction collecting function,saving time,savingcost.

2.Simple and easy to use,printing +powder +drying.

3.Waste powder recycling technology to avoidwaste and save costs.

4.White ink agitate and circulation,noprecipitation,to ensure the smoothness ofprinting.

5.white and color print at the same time,Brightcolors,suitable for a variety of fabrics,clothingprinting,personalized customization.

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Product model XL-650WX
Print Head 13200
Head Qty 2 4
Print Speed 6PASS 12㎡/h 6PASS  22㎡/h
8PASS   8㎡/h 8PASS  15㎡/h
Print Media Pet flm
nks Type Textile pigment ink
Transmission Interface Gigabit Network Port transmission
The maximum Print width 650mm
Power Voltage 220V/110V
Head Height Adjustable height0~12mm
nk suply system 1.5L Ink Bottle with Alarm function+Secondary continuousnk  supply  system+White  ink  agitate  and  circulation
Heating System Shake powder machine built-in infrared drying
Feeding system 15R High speed single head feeding and take up system
RIP software Maintop6.1、PP、PF
Document Format PDF、JPEG、TIFF
M achine Gross weight 204KG
Shake  powder  machine Gross weight 300KG
Machine power 1300W
Machine size 1920*760*1300mm(+170mm)
packing size 2020*780*750mm
Shake powder machine size 2700*960*1170mm
Shake powder mahine packing size 2400*1000*1260mm

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