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What are the advantages for the flatbed printer to print the mobile phone case


With the wide use of mobile phones and the diversified development of the market, mobile phone case has gradually become a beautiful landscape for people to decorate mobile phones. The function of mobile phone’s case is to make mobile phones anti-skid, scratch proof, anti-fall , wear-resistant, and enhance the service life. So how is the mobile phone case made? Then we need to use the flatbed printer to print the mobile phone case.

Flatbed printer for cellphone case is also called the digital printer, which can print pictures on any kinds of material, such as gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum plate, crystal material, wood board, glass plate, leather, cloth, stone, etc., or print patterns on the mobile phone case.

One of the highlights of the mobile phone case is its beauty and personalization. The majority of consumers for mobile phone case are the young people, who pursue individuality and want their mobile phone case to be unique, the Traditional technology is difficult to meet the need for the young people, who requires that printers have the new technology. UV printer can be applied to the mobile phone industry, such as the flatbed printer for cell phone case can carry out diversified production to meet the different needs of different people.

Such a new flatbed-printer for mobile phone case printing has several advantages over the traditional printer. Take XL-1016 model of Jihui electronics as an example to illustrate one by one as below:

1. High precision with 1200 * 1200dpi, the printing color for product is much bright, and the reduction degree is extremely high, the picture showing the image level.

2. The strong relief printing mode can ensure the stability of speed and production capacity, highlight the dynamic three-dimensional effect, and show a vibrant artistic imagination

3. The varnish output simultaneous, it can improve the printing efficiency for varnish as well as for overall printing efficiency, making the pattern more colorful and satiation.

4. This printer is not limited by materials. Jelly shell, pudding shell, silicon shell and USB housing etc… can be printed. It has several functions such as waterproof, sunscreen, UV protection, anti-scratch , environmental protection and abrasion resistance.

What are the top-quality of the flatbed printer for mobile phone case printing? What we have the UV printers can print delicate results on the different mobile phone case in our Yilian electronic . If you are interested in our flatbed printers, pls feel free to contact us, or you can come to our company to visit and take a look how the sample printing.

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