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sublimation printer for large prints

When you need to print out the really big stuff-banners, posters-a special kind of printer can come in handy: sublimation printers. These printers excel at outputting beautiful, vibrant and somewhat durable prints on a larger media. Sublimation Printers for Large Prints

Epson SureColor P6000 | Great for large print jobs & excellent image quality on larger materials. It can specifically print in striking colors and sharp designs.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000: Cheap printer that can do large scale vivid prints with sharp details.

Mimaki TS55-1800: Ideal for companies with high volume printing requirements; fast and accurate printing.

Roland Texart RT-640: This printer produces colorful, accurate prints with vivid colors.

Mutoh ValueJet 2638: The printer for high production, great quality and fast printing if you have a lot to print in your business.

    A Printer for Your Biggest Prints

    Epson SureColor P800 - Best Large Format Printer It produces full color yields of up to 8000 pages that are similar in quality and durability; This printer can print at will without using ink.

    Key Pointers To RememberWhile selecting a printer for large prints

    Quality of Prints: For all print making sure that the printer makes sharp and clear objects.

    Ink: Buy a printer with high-capacity ink so you do not have to replace it all the time.

    Then there is size which should fit in your space but also remember to see if it can print something as big as what you need.

    Why choose Jihui Electronic sublimation printer for large prints?

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