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full sublimation machine

Until you have used a full sublimation machine, that is. Isnt that great quality of technology with which you can design your creativityished world on articles like cloths, bag and even mugs For the interested minds out there, let's dive in and have a good look at what exactly is a full sublimation machine works on.

    How full sublimation machine works?

    A machine that decorates polyester, ceramic and metal materials with your designs just by applying heat and pressure. This amazing process is called sublimation when a substance passes from a solid directly to the gaseous state without going through an intermediate liquid phase.

    The full sublimation machine - which includes a heat press, printer and ink First, you design your image to be how you want it on this computer printing that onto the transfer paper with ink. Then you put the transfer paper on the material that you want to print and insert it into your heat press machine. When the heat press combines to apply both time, consistency and temperature again referred (integration) allowing the gas released by ink on transfer paper reach out its surface of material. Voila! And that pattern is then a permanent part of the material, just waiting to impress.

    What You Require to Make Your Print-on-Demand Model: PLR Products - The Starting Simple Solution How To Streamline A Full Sublimation Machine

    Traditionally printing onto fabrics involved creating screens and working with wet, messy inks that often needed professional help. But the creation of total sublimation machines made it easy to perform the printing process.

    If you have a full sublimation machine, then you can simply take 1 tool and no waste in making high quality prints. You no more have to align screens, wait for inks to dry. The ink is easy to use, leaving no mess and facilitating an uninterrupted printing process. Sublimated prints on the other hand, are usually more permanent because they very literally become part of the product they are printed on and do not have to resist scratching like a surface-print, if you likened it thus.

    Why choose Jihui Electronic full sublimation machine?

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