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XL-A3WXB DTF printer


1.The powder shaking machine adopts automatic induction taking up function, saving time and cost.

2.Simple and easy to use, printing + powder + drying.

3.Waste powder recycling technology to avoid waste and save costs.

4.White ink agitate and circulation, no precipitation, to ensure the smoothness of printing.

5.print bright and small-format printing, saving space, saving materials, reducing costs, suitable for personalized customization.

6.white and color print at the same time, suitable for various colors of clothing personalized printing, enhance market competitiveness.

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Product mode XL-A3WXB
Print Head I3200 I1600 XP600
Head Qty 2
Print Speed 6PASS    5㎡/h 6PASS    3.5㎡/h 6PASS   2.8㎡/h
8PASS   2.8㎡/h 8PASS    2.7㎡/h 8PASS     2㎡/h
Print Media Pet film
Inks Type pigment ink
Transmission Interface Gigabit Network Port transmission
The maximum Print width 300mm
Power Voltage 220V/110V
Head Height printing high from 0-12mm adustable, best printing high is 1.8mm
nk suply system 450ML Alarm Ink Bottle Negative Pressure Ink Supply
RiP software Maintop6.1
Document Format PDF、JPEG、TIFF
Machine powe 4000W
Machine net weight 66.5KG
Shake powder machine net weight 65KG
Shake powder machine gross weight 85KG
Machine size (L*W*H) 1080*1515*1250(Including shake powder machine)mm
Machine packing size(L*W*H) 1140*645*630( include feet)mm
Shake powder machine size (L*W*H) 940*740*990mm
Shake powder machine packing size(L*W*H) 780*770*1120mm

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