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Sublimation ink printer

In the last few years sublimation ink printing has evolved in an extraordinary way when it comes to advancements and developments. Rather like traditional inks where the ink is a liquid that goes into paper, sublimation ink starts as a warm (solid) and converts directly to gas - changing this because of its extraordinary solid-to-gas change during printing. This unique feature allows the printers to offer prints with fine detail and deep color on a number of products such as fabric, metal etc., using specialist SubliNova Dye ink. In this article, we will provide detailed information about the many advantages of using sublimation inks, and learn how they work.

Benefits of sublimation ink printing and innovations

The new dye-based sublimation ink printer comes with lots of amazing features that reshaped the print industry and make them exceptional from other ordinary printers. The real calling card of sublimation ink printers is the vivid, rich colors that they produce with terrific quality. Through deeply penetrating the material with their ink, we achieve exceptionally durable prints that will never peel or fade.

In addition, sublimation ink can do a lot more than many people realize. The technology works on fabric, metal. ceramic and glass etc., making it valuable to fashion among others

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