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large format sublimation printer for t shirts

Looking for a fun way to really make your t-shirt designs standout/wow? This is where large format sublimation printers come in! These amazing printers use a special method of printing to actually print incredibly detailed designs on t-shirts which means you will produce prints that won't have cracks or fading and last.

How Large Format Printing Has Broadened The Scope Of Custom Designer T Shirts

Size of the printer- The size of a printing machine particularly matters in case you want to print T-shirts. Sublimation printers come in large format and can print area that will cover either one side front or back of a t-shirt. This makes it easier to create more advanced and cooler designs are attractable for people entering your shop, right? I just love the fact that I can create amazing designer t-shirts up to 44 inches in width.

Why choose Jihui Electronic large format sublimation printer for t shirts?

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