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eco solvent flex printing machine

Printing could be more environmentally friendly than you might think We need to be aware and think in an environmental friendly way, then use of eco solvent flex printing machine, not only reduces the usage harmful chemicals but also it helps us save energy... ultimately helping contribute our bit to ensure that we succeed as a race.

Print Fast & Go Green Using Eco Solvent Flex Printing Machine

This is not like your average printer, be it home-office use or commercial one we are talking about printing eco solvent flex (ECO-SOL) here. This is a purpose-built printer to offer not only good quality prints but also be eco-friendly. How does it achieve this? Using eco-friendly inks that utilize fewer dangerous chemicals, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), creates a more efficient process overall while being less harmful to the environment.

Why choose Jihui Electronic eco solvent flex printing machine?

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